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Default copyright issues

Should an artist be worried about copyright if they paint a portrait of a model wearing a designer couture dress. Is this something to avoid? Coco Chanel for example died in 1971, and I believe the copyright protection on an author's work in France is for 70 years after death. Chanel likely has had the rights passed onto the corporation. Is this an issue to worry about? Is it necessary to get the permission of designers and corporations before painting any designs or images that appear on clothing? Or is it a matter of how much it is featured in the painting? Is half of Winnie the Pooh's face permissible? Or is it only a problem if you make prints? What about degrees of interpretation in so many post modernist pieces? Does anyone know much about copyright law?

Things are changing for photographers. People who have no more than fuzzy images in award winning photographers have sued. I know of one amazing photographer who has given up taking pictures out of the studio for these reasons. And now with the whole anti terrorism laws we hear stories of photographers, tourists and school children have been called into police stations for taking photos in streets and train stations.

Wondering what people have to say. I think especially of the first question now, and if painting people in designer clothing is a problem.

all the best, jp
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