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Default Potential cracking problems

Another question - new to forum so making most of some of the expertise available!

I am painting with ET on large panels, with fairly large sweeps of the brush (big brushes!) in broad areas on gessoed panels. I hope I am following most of the rules with ET application (!) but paint may in certain instances be more heavily applied, & possibly quite egg rich in places, simply because of the larger quantities I am mixing up .... I may be breaking a few rules inadvertently here. What are the dangers of cracking as the egg dries/cures? If cracks are to appear, will they appear sooner or in months to come? Thompson said something about 3-4 months I think, but has anyone any lessons to share on this one? Am I safe to sell my work after 3 months or so of completing a painting as above?? My earliest panels are now aprox 6 months old & show no signs of damage yet.