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dear alessandra,

i love seeing current projects put online in the forum. if more of our members were to put their current work forward like that, it would probably be more interesting. anyway, i love to see the work and pondering new questions is always interesting. several of the things that come up, to my mind, are just how much impact a book cover would have for a novel being sold online, where you don't see the book on a bookshelf, but you read about it on your computer. i have no experience with marketing anything online, but it would be most interesting to hear someone's opinion about how much effect a high- or low-quality book cover might have on online marketing of the product. book publishing seems to be such a catch as catch can activity. it must be awfully difficult to draw any hard and fast conclusions about what kind of covers will make a book sell and what kind of covers might even keep it from selling. there must be people who think about this kind of thing all the time in their professional life, but i wonder if many of them ever reach any accurate or even useful conclusions.

i find it really nice to see the medium of egg tempera used for such a practical purpose as book cover illustration, when normally it seems to be used for totally aesthetic and rather high-minded purposes. there's something really delightful about taking such an elevated medium as egg tempera and dragging it kicking and screaming into the marketplace.

go girl.


(from the wife). i've tried book covers. it's very difficult to strike a balance between slick corporate pablum and a good painting, but it makes all the difference to the packaging of the book (any scifi crap with a frank frazetta cover, for example, would walk out of the bookstores). the first cover, with the people, tells a story, which is good. the second cover, which only hints, is a good painting. which is also good, because your intention is to attract attention.

i'm wondering if you'll be looking to publish other peoples' books soon...
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