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Default Jim Yarbrough exhibition

Jim is having a rather large showing of recent works at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta. It will include paintings on canvas, board, and paper, with the liberal use of egg tempera, as well as all the other media Jim paints with.

It opens Friday, Feb 12, 7-9, and Asha the famed bellydancer will be performing. Jim will be shown alongside other artists of note, including Benny Andrews and Ben Smith. For more information, see the Mason Murer website.

We'd like to show you the paintings he will be exhibiting, but there are way too many, so if we may, we'll just direct you to Jim's blog, where you can see them all -

We'd love to invite everyone to the show. For those of you coming in from Mexico or Europe, you're welcomed to stay with us. We've got a futon in the studio.
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