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For some reason, just saw the responses now.
@Mona -- thank you. the paper surface was beautiful (mostly because of the RSG glue) and the strokes didn't streak at all (it helped that I used a bristle brush).
@Alessandra -- I think there are several effects here, not sure if you are talking about the one that bothers me most:

1. Effect of colors in context (i.e. if you have a mostly warm sky and throw in a neutral gray in the middle, it will appear cool -- Chevreul's effect)
2. Effect of colors in layers (weird special effects of egg tempera such as zinc white on cool colours appearing beautifully warm, burnt sienna in very thin layers giving an intense look to the reds underneath etc)
3. Effect of colors when mixing on the palette, with unexpected hue and chroma shifts.

#1 also used to be a problem (more for skies and reflections) but it is a very predictable effect, does not depent on specific pigments but just the actual colors and can be compensated for and taken advantage of easily.
#2 is less predictable but very subtle, and it is almost always a welcome thing.
#3 is the one that often gets in the way of me mixing colors accurately. It looks like I need to invest the time to produce a giant color mixing chart at some point, it might save me a lot of time in the long run.
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