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Thank you for all the wonderful responses, and I am very inspired by Temple's story (the last movie about her life is very moving) and I agree with Jim that there can be many positives. These are the people who think outside the box and maybe even the Eisteins and Edisons of the world (if is far more debilitating for others.) I don't know if Danny will be one of the 39 percent who will outgrow the symptoms enough to lose his diagnosis, but most artists must understand how a person can be happy living in a world of their own, so if this will be part of who he is that's okay.

Michael Lewis recently wrote a book about a doctor with aspergers and one glass eye who was one of the few people in the world to see the economic crash coming. He was smart enough to make a profit, but he had the integrity to try and warn people.

So many mothers of children with autism give up their own dreams, passions and identities to focus completely on their children. So many fall into depression or worse. I will let my little boy be an inspiration. I have to be a little selfish... painting helps to keep me sane. It may take me longer, but I intend to stick with it.

btw. If anyone hasn't read Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time it's an amazing book. Perhaps we are all the spectrum to a degree. That's one current theory.
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