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Default Marketing prints online?

I need help.

I don't have gallery representation, and working on visibility and sales has been a real struggle. One logical solution seems to be selling inkjet/photoprints of my paintings from my website. How much of this sort of thing have people done? Can I ask everybody's experience and advice, since this is an end of things with which I am excruciatingly unfamiliar?

I did look through this very interesting thread, although it's not quite my question:

Do many artists sell prints online? How do you do it? Does anybody use shopping cart software or PayPal? They strike me as having the wrong tone for artworks, but I don't know -- am I simply being an art snob? Is a discreet email inquiry address effective?

I currently have the capacity to print copies of my own works in a modest size, about 21.5 x 28 cm, and if I can get the other printer straightened out I can print up to 33 x 48 cm. I have good quality digital photographs of my paintings. I need to handle most of the photographing/printing/matting details myself -- we have a very tight budget.

I am prepared to sell the prints matted, not framed.

What is a fair price? I would very much like to sell prints, indeed I need to. I don't want to charge too little, to devalue my work or give an impression of cheapness. But how much is a fair price?

I also want to be honest about what the prints are. These are inkjet photoprints -- using best-quality inks and papers, but my own photoprints nevertheless. They're not giclees or limited editions or real prints (i.e. engravings, etchings, lithographs etc.). I want to make this clear to people without making them sound awful. I've done up some print samples testing out this idea, and they really are beautiful.

Oh, heck, I'm afraid I'm stressed out and unsure and badly in need of advice from people who've been there.

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