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Default Documentary on Robert McGinnis

I just finished watching a DVD documentary on the artist Robert McGinnis called "Painting the Last Rose of Summer." He's one of the greats of American illustrators, which was the main reason I got it, but at the end they thankfully showed a few minutes of him demonstrating his painting process. I was surprised to see that he worked in egg tempera, not gouache as I had assumed.

In that short segment he shows how he makes his own paint, and mentions that he uses pigments supplied by Perma Color out of Charleston, N.C. ("the same as Andrew Wyeth used.") I googled Perma Color and didn't see a website for them, but found an address
Perma Color Division
226 East Tremont, Charleston, N.C. 28203

I also found this site, Golds Artworks, that lists the pigments he mentioned in the film:

I thought people here might find it interesting and worth checking out.

Link to Movie Site:
Youtube Trailer:

Notice on the movie site above they're planning another McGinnis DVD that shows 2 hours of just painting sessions.

Here's a bonus Youtube link that shows a recent TV interview with him in his studio:
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