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Oh boy ... I really think that egg tempera will be the medium for me. I've done primarily watercolors for the last x number of years. Never really happy with them. Most people love them, and they always sell, but I just paint ... too tight. Too much detail. I don't like that in wc, and I can't seem to break the habit. One would think it would be simple to get looser, but ... not for me it isn't. And truth be told, I find it very relaxing to sit there and fuss and fuss with it until it's wrecked. :-)

So that's why I'm hopeful. I think ET will fulfill that little personality glitch I have.

I'm assembling supplies as we speak. I never venture into any new medium without first buying a disgusting amount of supplies. Another glitch.

Have been waiting for over 2 weeks for 2 books to arrive ... Vickrey's 'New Techniques' and Sultan's 'Luminous Brush.' Yesterday I emailed the seller (used via Amazon), and they said it must be lost and immediately refunded me the money. But as luck would have it, as I was browsing around for replacements, I discovered that Sultan provides her full book via a free PDF download. !! Here's the link:

When one considers that the one new copy of this book is a mere $340 on Amazon, and that the used ones start at about $80 -- free and immediate is a pretty good deal. !!

I'll try not to bombard you all with questions. I try to work things out on my own, and really don't like to ask stupid questions that I should be resolving by myself. But I will ask for opinions or advice when and if needed - and I'm so glad that I found this forum!
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