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Jennifer - your last post on this topic was 2 years ago. Now I'm burning with curiosity ... did you do some giclees?

My 2 cents, for what it's worth -- do it. If I thought for a moment that your being a holdout would stem the rush to repros, I wouldn't urge you forward. But you're not going to stop the trend. And if making money is important to you, then you'd be foolish not to print some copies of your best works and hit a totally different market than your originals would reach.

I'm part of a large art group here, and I see many many artists going this route. My problems with it? In too many instances, it's causing very mediocre paintings to be duplicated ... endlessly. I also feel that the artists are pulling the wool over the buyers' eyes - they trumpet 'signed numbered' etc. as if that actually meant something.

I have more sympathy with colored pencil artists, and ET artists - takes a long time to produce a decent work in either medium. And really - how much can you expect to sell a colored pencil work for? In many instances, you couldn't sell it for the number of hours the artist has put into creating it. So giclees are a good way to go. Same, to a slightly lesser extent, for ET.

I just don't think that you're cheating yourself out of any sales by going the print route. Some people do NOT want a copy - they want an original only, and are willing to pay for it. Others simply want something 'nice' and would buy a copy because of the price - and would NOT pay the tariff for an original. So I think that there are 2 audiences.

FWIW - I have 2 good printers that produce giclees. The larger one - Epson 4800 - can print 17" wide by any length (e.g. a roll of paper). Beautiful copies. But the ink is outrageously expensive - to replace all 8 cartridges with (large - VHS tape sized) replacements is over $700. The other printer - Canon 9000 Mark II - does as good or even better a job, is limited to 13" wide, and I've fitted that with a cheapo continuous feed ink system so I get several YEARS worth of prints for about $60. Both printers take art paper, watercolor paper, etc. The Canon can be had for under $300 on eBay. If you 'get into' repros, you might consider buying your own printer.

All that said, no - I don't do giclees of my work. I use them to print pure digital creations - things that don't exist as a painting first. So I might create something in Photoshop, then print it and paint on it, or reproduce a photograph in the digital painting, etc. I have done giclees for artist friends, however. At a mere fraction of the cost of a professional printing shop.
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