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Default Hello from France

Glad to have found this place. It's hard to find people that work in tempera these days.

To introuduce myself, I'm from Ireland but living in France since 2004. I'm a painter and have been using tempera in oils for about 3 years. I learnt the technique of using it only with water and then began experimenting with it combined with damar, water and oil. It's a lovely medium. Very vibrant.

Shortly after beginning to paint in this manner I started working as director of an art gallery in Paris so I only have about a dozen pieces like this. It's hard to get time to paint while running the gallery. Mostly I've been drawing.

The majority are small. About 11inches by 11inches on average. Simply because the medium dries too quickly to work on a large area.

Here is one that I like a lot. They look a bit different to normal tempera paintings because of the oil. In fact it's a base of damar varnish mixed with pigment which makes up the majority of the dark colours and then a mixture involving the tempera is used for the lighter ones.

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