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Default Hello from New Mexico

Hello all, I live in Corrales, New Mexico and have taken up egg tempera painting about 5 months ago. I am really enjoying the new world of possibilities using this medium has opened up. I have also been enjoying the forums on this web site and I have one immediate question I would like to post: I am using a titanium white made by Kremer called XSL. It is a very strong pigment with good, opaque covering qualities, however, I find that once it has been used it is very difficult to glaze over it without it dissolving on contact with a wet (damp) brush, even a couple of days after laying down the white. Am I using the wrong white for the job? am I not tempering it correctly? Am I not waiting long enough? I also had a similar problem using India ink (Higgins) on gesso for my drawing as Daniel Thompson recommends, in this instance the black ink would dissolve when painted over leaving a grey mess. I have since stopped using India ink but I am curious why a normally waterproof in should behave like this on gesso. If anyone out there has any suggestions I would happy to hear them.
Thank you. Juan Wijngaard
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