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I occasionally document fine art for dealers and institutions, besides my own work.

I use florescent bulbs in reflectors, going through umbrellas. If I need to remove glare, polarizing gels and filter on lens. Distance and angle of lights changes with the art; move them around. I've been using a Canon G9 as my main camera because: big, live view LCD, like a mini-view camera, 12 MP, more than enough, good lens, especially in it's mid range, both zoom wise and F stop wise, and at base ISO, excellent images. Tripod with delayed timer, so after I press the button, everything has a chance to settle down. The live view allows you to preview what exposure changes do to the image. Exposure change can alter contrast and saturation.

I do shoot RAW, but absolutely prefer to get it right in camera, as possible.

However, as Mona says, ET is tough. On my site there are a few of my paintings, that the images are ok, but not as accurate as some of the others. If you look at the Kim Hoffmann pages, on my site, her oils, and the frames are all very accurate. Water color is also difficult; I've found it hard to get the color right, but a little better than ET.

And, the prize for most difficult, goes to trying to document black and white photographs.

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