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Default i'm doing dragon.con this year

i've been asked to do dragon.con this year, by a rather circuitous touch of serendipity. i've never done anything like this before, and am looking forward to the experience. it'll be labor day weekend (sept 3-5) and we're very busy getting ready (thousands of prints (okay, 225 with 150 to go in to the show)). if you're curious - 40,000 people in 5 convention hotels in atlanta.

most of the two dozen dragon-related paintings i did for this show - over the last six months - were done in egg tempera. some of them were later embellished with encaustic, but the egg tempera layers represent all the hard labor, the wax being the fluffy icing, so to speak.

if you'd like to see the result of all this labor, this blog post shows them all.

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