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Thanks for your compliments and all of your technical help, Mona.

I am just amazed at the sheen, translucency and luster of the E.T. paint medium. One of the most common questions I had was what I glazed the paintings with, yet it was only E.T. paint.

It is a shame that the numinous qualities of E.T. paint doesn't represent well in photographs. If so, I think I would have started painting with it much sooner.

The E.T. paint has a very 3-D look in real life (due to these optical qualities). It was also interesting how many folks thought that some of the paintings were out of encaustic. Interesting also in that E.T. and encaustic are the two oldest medium and are just pigment and a natural binder.


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Shea, It's great to see what you've been working on, and I like how you are utilizing the translucency of the medium in your work. It's very well done technically, and aesthetically pleasing. Congrats on your show.

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