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You make valid points, Koo. It's why I started this post with a caveat that I expect e.t. users to make their own evaluation. I certainly understand how artists can love their materials. This would fall into a "don't fix it if it isn't broke."

I wouldn't refer to this product as a "substitute." I think "alternative" says it better. For anyone who would want to use an alternative primer, such as Golden's Absorbent Ground, to make their own surface rather than buy a ready-made panel, I believe this product holds more promise.

A quick test I made on this with my own egg tempera paint showed that it works fine. I was able to paint layers without seeing any lifting. I invite more experienced e.t. painters to give this a thorough workout.

I hadn't bothered to sand the last coat of the primer, so there were brush strokes from it showing through the e.t. layers. I would recommend adding 1 or 2 extra thinner coats of primer on top of the first 2, and/or sanding it to get a smoother surface. It does sand rather easily, unlike acrylic primers I've used.

I'm anxious to hear what you think of this, Koo.
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