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Default More on casein gesso

Hi All~
Many years ago I tried casein gesso because I liked the idea of not having to use warm gesso and wrestling with air bubbles. I can't remember why I did not pursue it but remember that I did not like the surface as much as traditional gesso.

Recently Elaine Drew tried the Sinopia version and also was not happy. Here is her summary:

"Mostly, it seems the paint doesn't adhere well to the surface. I did a couple of pieces that came out all right, eventually, but the paint sliding off was annoying. After enough layers were built up it seemed to be better. I also had a problem doing an ink underpainting; that slid off as well."

She did extensive experiments at the time including using traditional gesso over a couple of coats of casein gesso but in the end abandoned the whole idea of using casein gesso.

At least now we can buy our smaller panels at a reasonable price. My problem it I'm painting larger and larger ETs and there's no way I can afford to buy a gesso panel that is, for example, 4'x8'. So back to the meditation of traditional gesso.
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