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Default Untempered Masonite

Hi All~
It used to be easy to find untempered Masonite but now none of my local lumber yards or home depot type stores seem to carry it. Of course the art suppliers carry it but only in small sizes and I need a 4'X8' sheet.

Oddly, my local lumber store has what they call tempered Masonite but it looks like untempered to me ie light in color. I remember tempered Masonite has having a rich, dark oily look to it.

What would be the danger in using this pale-looking tempered Masonite? Theoretically the resins used in making it could migrate through the gesso but I wonder if that would actually happen- even through the centuries. Wood pulp- lignan is very acidic anyway and we don't seem too concerned about it.

Any strong opinions??
BTW, I use 1/8" Masonite (hardboard) and cradle it with moulding glued on the back.
Lora Arbrador
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