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Default Gesso-making question re quantity of recipe

Hello out there!

I'm about to size and gesso a giant hardboard panel- 4' x 8'.

In Koo Schadler's book, "A Comprehensive Guide to Painting in Egg Tempera," the recipe instructions state, "A day of gesso and panel making can yield a dozen of so square feet of painting surface..."

Does this account for gessoing the back as well as the front of the panel?
Can 1 ounce of rabbit skin glue really make 8 coats of gesso for 12 sq feet of panel?
Since I'm about to make gesso for a 32 sq ft panel (64 sq ft including front and back) I'd like to have a better sense of quantity of glue needed so I either won't run out or make way too much gesso.

I'm reading from a 2005 edition of the book so maybe a more recent edition covers the topic of quantity of gesso?

Lora Arbrador
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