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Default Pin holes (air bubbles) in gesso

Hi All,
I was just rereading Koo Schadler's book, "A Comprehensive Guide to Painting in Egg Tempera", 2005 edition.
On pages 34 and 35 Koo addresses the issue of air bubbles in gesso leading to pin holes in the finished panel. There are many many great ideas for dealing with this problem.

I have one more fix that I often use which is to "spackle" the pin hole in the finished panel. I use some gesso which I save from gesso-making day or just make a tiny fresh batch. I make it fairly thick and use a palette knife as a mini trowel to fill the pin hole. Once the gesso is dry I sand it. This is similar to the idea of rubbing the finished panel with a wet cloth which brings up some gesso but I find it a little more direct and effective.
Any other ideas or experiences?
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