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Default erasing in egg tempera

Hi Koo,
Good question about why I destroy all the the layers of gesso down to the hardboard when I scrub or sand out a section of my painting. I'm not sure and will need to pay attention on my next painting.

It might be because I often don't use sandpaper to make corrections but rather use a wet brush to remove some paint to reveal what is underneath. Sometimes the paint does not come off easily especially if it's a staining color and then I may use a scrubber (such as Fritsch brushes used by watercolorists.) They can be harsh but are very effective and come in many different sizes and amounts of harshness.

It can be hard to shape areas with sandpaper although I've collected a variety of sanding tools- sanding sticks used by manicurists, a tiny belt sander (not electric), tiny delicate metal files and even a dremel tool (with a nice pointy attachment but I have not yet had the courage to use it).

This still does not answer the question of why I sometimes destroy my gesso surface but troweling in new gesso does correct the problem. I'll pay closer attention as I start my next painting.

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