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Default Just received my copy of the 2017 Edition of "Egg Tempera Painting"

I just received my copy of the 2017 edition of "EggTempera Painting: A Comprehensive Guide" by Koo Schadler. The new edition is a is a tour de force!

I first purchased the 2008 edition of the book in 2004 after attending my first workshop with Koo. This older addition contained 38 pages and was subtitled, "Notes from Introduction to Egg Tempera Painting classes taught by Koo Schadler." The 2017 edition contains 172 pages. Koo's depth of knowledge and level of detail is astounding!

Although I've been painting ET for decades I learned something new on almost every page. Koo leaves no egg tempera stone unturned and is incredibly generous with her nuanced and nerdy knowledge.

Brava Koo!
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