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Default Mische technique

As a long time oil painter I recently stumbled across the mische technique which seems like a way to create the effect I am looking for with my work. This is my first time attempting egg tempera. Luckily I raise chickens so that's a plus. I have been watching and reading what I can about the mische technique , have seen that some people add Damar varnish to their egg and pigment. But I worry I'm not getting the ratio right. When I put my oil paint glaze over the layer of tempera highlights I've done, it removes it, it's not indelible. Could anyone offer any advice for how these ratio of yolk to water / water to pigment should be? What consistency /how opaque should the mixture be for painting the highlights? What am I doing wrong? I hope I'm. Posting this correctly. If not please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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