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There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Lots of people have admired the brilliant colors of Top Spices and tried them as pigments. About the best I can say of them is that (in an egg medium at least) they are totally non-toxic. But they are seriously fugitive. Truly there is a reason why the accepted pigments are as they are.

Also, as a warning: Once in art school I had a teacher who encouraged experimentation with food-based pigments. We tried spices, instant coffee, etc. Mostly what I got out of it was a serious aversion to those foods for awhile, as the combined smell of food and art media was pretty revolting.

You can play with them if you like, but they don't have a lot of permanent value (now that I think about it, I remember trying to argue with a fellow-student that it was a waste of time to try paint made with olive oil, if after 4000 years it hadn't been found an acceptable medium . . . )
I want to know which spice is best when we going to use it with pigment???
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