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Hello Lora,

Egg tempera IS a very magical medium - no doubt!

And it is a medium that can (tho' not inevitability) appear very luminous....but so can other mediums. I specifically mentioned Rembrandt in my previous answer because he worked in oil, not ET, yet is often considered the most luminous painter in the history of western art - and no wonder; if one looks at the specific the ways in which luminosity is created it's apparent that Rembrandt did every one of those things.

I think to make the most of painting it's helpful to differentiate between what a painting medium can and cannot do, versus what the formal, visual language can and cannot do; while there is some overlap between the two subjects, the possibilities and considerations of each are distinct, to a large extent.

Anyhow, I don't mean to minimize the wonder of ET - I feel it too.


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