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Default Sedimentary pigments

HI All~

Watercolor painters are often discussing the charms and negatives of so-called "granulating," or "sedimentary" pigments. The terms "flocculation" or texturing pigments are also used to describe this same phenomenon. Earth pigments and others are often cited as sedimentary pigments.

We as ET artists are, of course, concerned with particle size and give a lot of thought as to whether grinding is necessary and if so how much. But I haven't seen/heard much about the aesthetics of including or excluding pigments that cause a granular texture.

Any thoughts on this topic? Obviously it's personal preference so I'm wondering what your personal preferences are. I'm tending to want a smoother surface without a distracting texture but recently thinking of including some granulation in an attempt to add some excitement to the surface.

Thanks for your ideas!

Lora Arbrador
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