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Many years ago I did make casein gesso from a recipe book that I no longer have. I was trying to find an alternative to the problems of the usual gesso process- air bubbles and overheating which I've now resolved for the most part.

It was easier to apply and I can't quite remember why I did not like it but I clearly did not care for it and never made it again. I seem to recall it being somewhat difficult to sand and not absorbent enough.

However, I did make a casein glue out of cottage cheese and ?lime (can't remember) that I used to glue my cradling strips on to the backs of my panels. That glue was excellent in every way but I've since reverted to "Titebond" type glue out of convenience.

After using purchased gesso boards for smaller work I recently gessoed a 4'x8' panel. It was daunting and came out with many flaws but is quite adequate. It rekindled my love for the gesso process and I'll probably continue to DIY it. After gessoing a 4x8' board working on smaller boards should seem easy!
~Lora Arbrador
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