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Hello All,

As discussed in this thread, several years ago Sinopia (an art supply company in San Francisco) developed two new grounds advertised as suitable for egg tempera: casein gesso and chalk casein gesso. Both products have the convenience of being pre-made, ready to apply. I tested the chalk casein gesso and, for me, it didn't behave well; paint lifted, it was hard to quickly accumulate layers without lifting, very watery applications of paint took a long time to dry. I wrote about it in this post and recommended against Sinopia's chalk casein gesso for egg tempera.

Leslie Watts, a well known egg tempera painter, recently tried both of Sinopia's casein grounds and found them to behave well. She wrote about them in a blog post. Everyone has different working methods, and what may not suit one painter may work perfectly well for another, so it seemed only fair to offer a differing opinion on these grounds. A link to Watt's post is below.

Koo Schadler
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