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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
The other thing I brought up was the layering of colors. If i had to guess what I did wrong, i may have painted too thickly or with too much white in my scumbles. I suppose next time ill experiment with the layering of colors on a scrap panel so I can concentrate on my handling instead of forcing the color through.

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There is nothing wrong with painting too thickly or using scumbles, others may disagree. A very good friend of mine, Ceri Auckland Davies (Google him) paints almost impasto with tempera and to date his paintings have survived. I was slightly alarmed when I first met him and saw his works some 17 years ago. (He is also a very good cook when I last visited him a year ago....!) Having said that, I would advise learning the basics and then building on your experiences of failures and triumphs......that is how I developed the way I paint........white scumbles and glazes, using a toothbrush to splatter paint, there is no end to innovation but the basics need to be adhered to.....if that makes sense.....
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