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Default thinning out tempera

ive just begun experimenting with the mische technique, and i have no other tempera experience. i have always been an oil painter. i am experimenting with thin glazes of oil , and using 1 part yolk, slightly less linseed oil and 1 part water combined then mixed with close to an equal part white pigment , as a layer for highlights in between. i have gotten a lot of useful information on this forum already. my question is about the manipulation of the medium to make a more subtle highlight. im still not sure my mix is right. the end result is like a fairly opaque silvery line to as thick as white out depending on how many layers i put down. i can kind of make a wide mark but it dries quickly and there isnt much blending to be done. cross hatching seems to be the best way to blend up tones. but if i wanted even lighter hash marks, could i thin the tempera in some way? since my next layer will be an all over glaze of oil paint and medium , i need it to be water soluble, and since it is on oil already and will bead if i add water, then maybe i add more yolk? or is this how the medium is meant to be and i just need to get used to it?i would love to include a picture of what i'm working on, but i dont know if i can do that. hopefully this description makes sense.
any help would be appreciated.
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