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My father has had quite a bit of eye trouble and has been suffering from serious macular degeneration, he has agreeded to take part in a study to see if the condition is passed down through familes. As I am now in my fifties and also suffering from eyestrain I was very interested in the questions the research team asked him, about his use of vitamins. He takes a multi-vitamin daily and was advised to carry on with this. I asked further questions and was advised that people with very pale coloured eyes are more prone to macular degeneration and should look at their vitamin intake as well as being careful to always wear sunglasses in bright light. I decided to start using a vitamin tablet called ICaps which are specfically formulated for eyes but I am sure there are other formulations which cover the same range of vitamins. As painters we are very particular about which pigments, brushes work well for are but are probably not as careful about the use of our eyes , hands - body.
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