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Hi Alex,

A critique is designed to give constructive criticism to help the artist correct a problem that he or she may not see himself. At the risk of sounding too (critical) let me start with the positives. I think Knowing is your better painting. You draw very well and your composition is right on. The painting is well balanced (light & dark). A good composition will always have a large area of similar tone where the eye can (rest). Fields of similar tone or color can also draw attention to the focal point (which is the figure). (Maybe the tree draws the viewer's eye out the window, rather than focusing on the thoughtful expression of the center of interest). The main thing that strikes me though, is the color balance of the flesh. You need to introduce Green into your shadows! I know..... green in fleshtones? Even though the subject has a skin tone which is (warmer) or more ruddy in nature, try to really look beyond the surface and see that flesh has many different hues. Especially shadows & highlites. An effective painting of fleshtones will always have more variety of color.
Alex, the thing that really gets me though, (in a very positive way) is the expression of the face. She is very well drawn. Great job. I hope I was of some help.

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