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Koo: There are labeled Egyptian tempera paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, and here in Chicago at the Oriental Institute, too. They are mostly mummy portrait masks of the Greco-Roman period.

Also, apparently the terra-cotta warriors of the Duke of Chin buried in Xi'an, China were painted with egg tempera 2000 years ago.

I don't think it's the glue in the binder that makes the paint stick; I think that's so the gesso doesn't crumble. It seems that what you need for tempera to stick is a solid, faintly absorbent surface. I should think limestone would work just fine.

But Leonardo (the flighty old experimenter) did not paint with egg tempera at all. "The Last Supper" was one of his many experimental murals which ended in disaster. It was on a notoriously damp wall, too.
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