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Default Starch glue gesso

After reading this interesting forum for a while, I started to experiment with egg tempera.

Wilhelm Ostwald's 'Die Maltechnik jetzt und künftig' (Present and future Painting Technique) describes the virtues of starch glue for making paint and preparing surfaces. According to Ostwald, starch glue is unsoluble to water at room temperature.

So -- while waiting for my rabbit skin glue to arrive -- I tried to prepare a panel with some champagne chalk and starch I have around. Ostwald's recipe for starch glue is 1 part starch on 25 parts water.The starch is covered with cold water, the rest of water is added boiling. I poured chalk in it and stirred until it looked like thick paint.

It took some hours dry, but looked usable. Sanding worked. I don't know how gesso should feel, but for now painting on it seems to work.

Has anybody else tried this?
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