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I appreciate that you may want to represent the landscape as is but it is up to us as artists to produce a good painting and throughout the ages painters have had to move elements to produce a good painting. Nature is not always kind to us and cannot provide the perfect composition and in many cases there is no way a good composition can be achieved. Throughout the ages painters have had to alter aspects of the painting. John Constable had to move Dedham Church some half a mile from its location because it didn't fit in with the composition.
A little anecdote relating to artist licence..........
Many years ago, in the days of oil paints (Spit!!), I was commissioned to paint a river scene fequented by a fisherman. With sketch book and camera I visited the location. After roaming around the river bank the best aspect was found however there was a scrap yard directly in view!!! No problem, that could be replaced with trees.
Photos and sketches made and I returned to the studio and set about the painting. As a last touch I placed, from photos, the fisherman standing in the river.
A phone call later and the fisherman arrived at the studio.
"I like it, exactly what I want. But there is something not quite right. Can't put my finger on it at the moment"
I suggested that the fisherman took the painting and 'live' with it for a few days to see what the problem was.
A few days later I got a phone call.
"I've got it.....I know what is wrong"
With paint box in hand I dashed round to the fishermans house.
Fisherman. "I know what the problem is"
Me. "Go on, tell me." (Thinks that the scrap yard has been omitted!!)
Fisherman. "The legs on the fisherman are too long."
Me. (Gads, what does he know about proportions. Is he confusing the reflections etc. etc.) "Well OK, I've got my paints, it won't take long to shorten them."
Fisherman. "Lad, don't shorten them, I'll drown, where you've placed me I'm standing in 10 feet of water!!!!"
Nuff said.
Let painters paint and produce an idylic art piece that comes from the heart and photographers provide a less idylic sterile truth.
Look forward to No 4!! Keep up the good work.

Where on earth did Yams come from. That hat you wore in NYC has possibly adversely affected you!!!!!
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