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Default Panels, paint, and frustration

Several months ago, I made some gesso panels according to the instructions in Koo's wonderful book. They are lovely and smooth and seriously pissing me off.

My problem is that no matter what variables I change (i.e. egg quantity, water quantity, new eggs, paint color, etc) after 45 minutes to an hour the paint starts acting over-tempered. No matter how little egg I add to my paint piles, the paint is still over-glossy, streaking and lifting! It also feels unpleasant, as though the paint is over-tempered, although at this point I am using next to zero egg.

However, if I use the same, exact piles of paint on lifting, no overly glossy appearance and no streaking. WTF???

The only thing I can think of (after 2 days of messing around and wanting to gouge out my own eyes in frustration) is the high humidity here in central Florida. According to the Weather Channel app on my phone, it is currently 79% and was higher, like 83%, a few hours ago.

Could I have seriously botched my panels? I didn't add anything strange or uncalled for in the instructions.

I am just really baffled. Help!!
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