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I've used the Kremer color concentrates with pigmented plaster applications. I know some people who've used Createx with ET, and seemed to like them. Here are a couple of links:

I find Ultramarine blue does sometimes stink, even with just dry pigment and water.

Originally Posted by odyssic
I thought I read somewhere that Senellier is an oil emulsion tempera. It feels that way anyway, and when buffed down it is a little more gloss than semi gloss. Does anyone buff their pure et works?

That thing about overlayers picking up underlayers has been very annoying. Maybe I can avoid some of that by mixing my own. I just don't want to use dry pigments in my apartment. Does some online art company carry pigment dispersions? I've mixed water with gamblin pigments too. That worked ok but if there is an easier way I might try it out. Also, I had to store them in the fridge to avoid mold.

Also, if you've noticed, the ultramarine Senellier smells like rotten eggs. I've gotten probably 10 tubes in the past six months and they all had this smell. Whatever preserves the other colors must have some adverse effect on the ultramarine?

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