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I must add that some of my pigments are extremely difficult to store as a paste. The irgazine red floats no matter what I add to the water. I have tried denatured alcohol and ethyl alcohol. I have used a drop of soap. The problem with this pigment and with mold is that the top layer dries out because it floats and then the mold goes crazy. I think I am just going to let the moisture evaporate out of these jars (I have split the pigment into several jars in my experiment to try to save it from the mold) and only wet a little at a I need it.

Be careful with any of the dry pigments. The cigarette smoke analogy is fitting. It doesn't matter how safe the pigment is, the particles can inflame the lungs and cause an infection. Every single jar of pigment comes with a warning about not inhaling them in any amount. So, be careful.
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