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Hello Vit,
I have small glass bowls (ramekins) arranged around a flat, white ceramic dish. I mix up my colors in the bowls; half pigment paste, half egg yolk, (with some adjusting), then blend the colors on the white dish. I may make a puddle of blue, for instance, on one end and a puddle of white on the other and mix up neutral tones between the two. I keep the bowls covered while I work so they won't dry out. Eventually the paint will dry or be used up in the dish, so I wipe it clean and start over.
If I'm doing a large area, such as a sky, I will mix up a range of values in separate bowls (i.e. dark blue, dark/medium, medium, medium/light, and light). I used to refrigerate the unused pigments, but mostly now I clean out the bowls and start fresh each morning.
Long way of saying, yes, I mix up the colors after tempering with egg.
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