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Angry Kolinsky sable brushes in the US

Have the rest of you egg tempera artists here in the US noticed that kolinsky sable brushes are now impossible to find? The issue is caused by the US Fish and Wildlife Service with European manufacturers of brushes who source their hairs in China. Apparently, China is not filing the proper CITES (an international treaty regarding endangered species - though the kolinsky "sable" is not endangered) form for the weasel fur that is used for kolinsky hairs. Yet, it is the same form that has been used for years. European manufacturers are stating that the proper form is non-existent.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service states that Chinese exporters of the hairs are working on filing the proper CITES form. All of this went into effect in MAY of 2013.

Help! I need some full-bellied rounds! Does anyone have direct knowledge of sellers who are NOT having problems sending kolinsky sable brushes to the USA?

Thanks, all, for any help.

Best regards,
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