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Default Kolinsky sable brushes in the US

Just a note to John and all of you that yes, there was some importing issue of a certain kind going on for years with a number of the suppliers of some of the best sable brushes available out there, and among these the ones that I have most recently favored and then saw go out of stock almost immediately (for at least three years now I think?) have been the Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky brushes, especially the line called 'miniaturist' in particular, for their short and fat shape to the base of the ferrule. I've seen recently that some of these are finally restocking now (at least I hope I'm right in seeing this over on Dickblick's web) so I'm hoping to be able to have the privilege of using the brushes of my choice once again. Rosemary brushes looked good to me too, but the hair length to the ferrule of this kind of brush is a bit long for me too I think. But who knows, may have to try them too if this thing continues any longer.
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