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Anna, welcome!!!

Ideally, glass isn't a good surface to paint on if you are at all worried about longevity. As you mentioned, the paint in your last attempt is already cracking! I went to a lecture recently where the focus was on copper as a painting surface. The point was that copper is supposed to be the best surface to paint on because there are so many paintings from the Renaissance that were painted on copper that have lasted in near perfect condition. However, that hasn't been my experience. Copper and glass are very slick and that is one of primary reasons why paintings fail (no tooth for the paint to stick to). I think using a little bit of oil will help the paint adhere to the glass surface but the bleeding you are getting from the ink is only to be expected. You might try doing the drawing with a brush and sepia or black oil-egg emulsion and then put it in the sun for a few days to let it cure. It won't run then. I think this sounds like a lot of work on something that might fall apart or crack in a few years. Why not try a wood panel with traditional gesso? It will last infinitely longer and your boyfriend can enjoy it that much longer....
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