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Well, thank you for the welcome!!

for paintrman: I forgot to say,in my last attempt I didn't use emulsion on the whole surface(just in some places)...I have just put the tempera on a glass and I think this was my mistake.Now I want to use it.So,about the ink,I will try mixing it with egg-oil emulsion...maybe 1:1 will do.
I was thinking at painting on wood panel but i don't know the technique.I have only learned to paint icons on glass in school and i have already the materials so this is why i'm still trying.I'm not at all experimented in wood method,and i find it kinda difficult to paint on copper .

for Alessandra:Yes it's called hinterglasmalerei.If you search on wikipedia in English you will find reverse glass painting.There says "This style of painting is found in traditional Romanian icons originating from Transylvania".....and Transylvania is a region of my country.
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