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Default Photographing ET

Does anyone have tips for documenting egg tempera paintings? I am familiar with the basics of documenting art work and am handy with both cameras and advanced image editing software. My attempts to shoot my paintings, however, never results in an image that feels true to the original.

In particular, hatch marks seem too prominent. They are visible but not obtrusive in the real paintings (and this harmony is what I strive for in both painting and in reproduction) but are obnoxiously present in reproduction. The trees obscure the forest, so to speak.

I believe this is to do with scale, the difference in typical relation between a viewer and a reproduction/screen, but some people here and elsewhere accomplish reproductions that would satisfy me, and I wonder how?

Here is a link to an image on Douglas Wiltraut's site, though many people here have equally successful images on their personal sites.

For reference, I shoot with a 10Mp digital SLR from a tripod. I either bounce a flash or I shoot from straight overhead in noontime sun. (I only have one flash, so I canít do two or four strobes at 45 degree angles.) I use a circular polarizer if I have trouble with glare. I use a calibrated white/gray/black card to measure white balance and exposure, then develop from RAW Files in Adobe Camera RAW and continue in Photoshop CS 3.
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