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Mona's reply better describes the problem I'm having. I'm pretty conversant in photographic copy work and I sometimes use two diffused strobes at 45 degree angles (usually one bounced, though, since I have to borrow to get two), and sometimes shoot in direct sun. I often have the best luck in an evenly shaded area on a sunny day. Anyway, I'm never perfect avoiding glare or getting an even exposure, but that's not the issue that concerns me.
What does concern me is how distinct my brush marks are. I've seen work in person and in reproduction from both Michael Bergt and now from the Ivanovs, as well as reproductions of one of my former professor's work (Jules Kirschenbaum). All of these have similar surfaces in person to my own work, the Ivanovs' work is, in many cases, even coarser. Still, the reproductions on their Web sites or in print are so smooth. I'm inclined to believe that they are more reduced in size, or that a higher quality digital camera with greater dynamic range or a camera with film are being used. It also may be tied in to the post-processing in software and how local/gobal contrast is handled.
Any further tips are appreciated. If anyone here can ask their photographers or share tips for what they do I'd sure appreciate it. I'm trying to establish a new presence with a new and increasing body of work, and the documentation that I have so far is not doing the work justice.
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