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Default Renaissance wax as a protective coating over egg tempera and gold leaf surfaces?

I am looking into the following product myself and will report back on my try with this, but has anyone so far tried Renaissance wax, an acid-free microcrystalline unique wax as a varnish substitute or protective coating which apparently has been used by several reputable museums out there, both in Britain and the U.S., at least according to this link which may be advertisement- based?

If so, have you tried it over either oil gilding, or over egg tempera as an isolating layer to paint in oil on top of, or as a final varnish? I am exploring the use of this product due to how I am currently working on a gilded panel that has 24 karat gold leaf painted over in oils, and yet I am also wanting to see if it isolates egg tempera well for a finish with oils. I read in one place that it may be less darkening over time than a shellac-based isolation layer, and yet I know we have established through Koo's research the validity of this method over egg tempera, even though Koo continues to look for alternative methods herself as do I.

Here is a link on this product which is being touted for use over gold leaf, tempera, marble, wood, and other interesting metal and non-metal surfaces: A perhaps non-neutral Wikipedia report on this wax states the cautions about its use in conservation which include polyethylene content (which makes it hard to remove), and yet perhaps that is a non-issue in a combined painting method or final varnish method (?)

thanks and regards to all, Mona

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