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Default Photographing ET

Hi Mat - without getting too technical, I have found that whether I am using a scanner for a smaller ET or a digital camera for larger ET, the translucent nature of the medium means that it can be tough to duplicate what the naked eye sees in the original, since digital photography tends to read through the layers more, and at times unevenly. For a while I had two scanning software programs, and I was also amazed at the difference when I scanned the same piece of art with each of these programs. Sometimes I liked one result better, sometimes another.

I don't mean you can't get a decent record, but I continue to feel dissatisfied over how contrast is heightened, strokes increase in prominence when I seek a blended look, and color subtleties become lost. I feel that photoshop is also an important tool toward a better match with the original, but it's never quite perfect, at least until technology improves matters, which I trust it will.

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