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Thanks for the answer, Phil. I've bought a bunch of pigments and some rabbit skin glue. I'm just having a little trouble now finding some of the other traditional materials for making the gesso. If anyone in Toronto knows of a good store for this, please let me know. I've found a 'traditional gesso' dry mix in Curry's Art Store, which contains rabbit glue, crushed marble, and titanium white. It's by Fredrix, but I'm not sure about the quality.

One other question, it seems to me that, by looking at step by step instructions and pictures from people's egg tempera paintings, that although an egg tempera painting starts off with a very 'cross-hatching' look to it, that with glazes it can eventually turn into a more smoothly shaded look. If someone could please verify this for me I would appreciate it. Unfortunately most paintings displayed do not contain a close up detail picture of the final product.
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