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Default Mold ("Mould" to you Brits)

For what it's worth, I was recently visiting my parents and they showed me some mold on a painting I had given them back in 1987. It had little blooms all over the surface. I took the painting out of the glass frame and wiped it off with a cotton ball. The mold was dry as dust and lifted right off. Now the painting looks brand new. I was also pleased to notice that there was no cracking whatsoever on the surface. It was the first time I had looked closely at one of my older paintings.
Two things learned: one, I won't frame under glass again because it seems to promote mold (though the mold is easy to remove). Two, the untempered masonite/traditional gesso combination is apparently stable.
On a more ominous note, a Home Depot store recently opened in my area and I noticed it doesn't carry untempered masonite. I asked the lumber manager why not. "We just don't" he replied condescendingly. The other lumberyard in town still stocks it, but Home Depot has cut into his business so much it appears he's going to be closing down.
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