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<Delurking out of curiosity>

A general question regarding environment breakdown of ET paintings..

What is the earliest anyone has seen mold/cracking/peeling etc on a ET painting?

I have some paintings that are about six months old (which is when I started on ET). I violate just about every good rule mentioned here -- some are on claybord, some are on acrylic-gesso, some on oil-gesso, some are done using tube temperas, painting application is sometimes heavy etc. But none of them show any damage whatsoever: no cracking, no peeling, no fading, no mold etc.

How long before I see damage, I wonder?

PS: I don't generally care for longevity as I enjoy the act more than the result and generally don't sell my paintings at all. So, this is really not an issue but I am curious still.

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